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Natella Isakharova

4 years
291 people have voted for me!

She's the girl that was born on September 11th.
She's cool, friendly, and bright.
But most of all she's adorable,
Because she wants everything and everyone to be alright.

She loves to colour, dance, and sing.
She's like a flower that blooms in the spring.

She's smart, sensitive, and funny.
Her character traits make our days sunny.

She loves to look and feel her best,
Which makes her special from the rest.

She loves eating chocolates, shish kabobs, and cakes.
She's an early bird because at 7 she awakes.

Even though she's turning four,
It seems as if she knows more.

When someone's sad, she'll cheer them up,
By giving them her favourite pup.

She's wild, caring, and wild.
She's truly our adorable child!

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